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EQUAL Beats FISH LEONG(梁静茹)!!!

September 28, 2006 4 comments
Ai fm is having an election for the best local songs in the past ten years, and this is the current ranking stands:-
排名 歌曲 歌手 短讯代号 票数
1 李吉汉 S47 22%
2 圆缘圈 黄杏怡/黄康淇 S24 20%
3 爱广播 李爱广 S45 5%
4 防空洞 戴佩妮 S42 5%
5 时间快转 戴佩妮 S31 5%
6 付出 张栋梁 S37 5%
7 童话 光良 S46 5%
8 我不是宋承宪 颜学迁/张起政 S48 5%
9 泪雨 年少 S20 4%
10 爱情不能作比较 BABY S25 4%
11 依然是朋友 宇恒 S41 3%
12 熬夜 陈颖见 S32 3%
13 窗外的雨下得好凶 Equal S04 3%
14 因为我蓝 张泽(张觉隆) S12 3%
15 自信最美 陈国俊 S43 3%
16 现场直播 陈国俊/方玉莲 S22 1%
17 勇气 梁静茹 S17 1%
18 对面的女孩看过来 阿牛陈庆祥 S18 1%
19 我们的歌 榜主 S36 1%
20 小薇 阿弟合唱团 S29 1%

Cant believe warren & co beat a number of famous stars, among others, ah niiu, fish leong and  "xiao wei".

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Fight Club – Final Episode

September 26, 2006 1 comment

Here comes my final Fight Club selection.

This passage tends to point out the spirit of the whole story, where Brad Pitt, Edward Norton’s split personality, says this, "Self-improvement is masturbation. Self-destruction is the answer", which is the distorted version of a wide- spread saying, “self- consolation is masturbation; self- improvement is the answer”.  

This line lingers in my mind since the first day I watched the movie. I may not be in total agreement with Brad Pitt, but the way he says it…… it’s just simply too cool.

Since Brad Pitt (Tyler) is the split personality of Jack (Edward Norton), it explains very well why Tyler (who actually is Jack himself) set fire on his Ikea items.

     Tyler and Jack walk, both smoking cigarettes.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 A guy came to fight club for the
                 first time, his ass was a wad of
                 cookie dough.  After a few weeks, he
                 was carved out of wood.
                 If you could fight any celebrity?
                 Alive or dead?
                 Doesn't matter.
                 Hemingway.  You?
                 Shatner.  William Shatner.*
 (Leeyoun's note: william shatner is Captain James Kirk in Star Trek: The Original Series)
     They reach a BUS STOP as a BUS arrives, tossing their
     cigarettes, getting on board...
     INT. BUS - DUSK
     The bus is crowded.  As Tyler and Jack walk toward the back,
     Jack studies the faces of OTHER PASSENGERS...
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 We all started seeing things
                 differently.  Wherever we went.
     They hold hand grips.  Jack looks up at an ADVERTISEMENT; a
     CALVIN KLEIN ad featuring a tan, bare-chested MUSCLE STUD.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 I felt sorry for all the guys packing
                 into gyms, trying to look like what
                 Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger said
                 they should.
     Tyler looks at Jack, looks at the C.K. advertisement.
                 Self-improvement is masturbation.
                 Self-destruction is the answer.
     A MAN in a suit KNOCKS Tyler's shoulder as he passes.  The
     Man takes a handle, close by.  Jack's pissed, staring at the
     man, who stares back.
                       (to Tyler, so the
                        Man can hear)
                 You could take him.
     Tyler looks to Jack, glances over his shoulder at the Man.
     Tyler casually picks a small scab off Jack's nostril.
                 The trick is not to care.
     Tyler stares forward.

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September 26, 2006 2 comments











六七十年代,名噪一时的科西嘉人(Corsican)犯罪集团,建立起的毒品运输网络,有效地将毒品散播至西欧和美国。这个毒品运输网络简称为“法国通道”(French Connection),原因是他们从土耳其生产的毒品,运到法国提炼,并从法国海港马赛,输出世界各地。“法国通道”这个名词,后来被用为一个电影的题目,由真赫曼(Gene Hackman)主演。最近French Connection还被注册成为一个服装的品牌呢。

当时这个犯罪集团雇佣了大量英国及东欧国家的前军人作为顾问,利用他们特有的军事情报及战斗知识,开拓运毒路线及摆脱执法当局的侦察。他们的渗透力无孔不入,各国政府和警察部队几乎都有他们的线人。当年的新闻惊人透露,瓜地马拉(Guatemala) 驻比利时大使竟然帮助科西嘉人集团定期从利比亚走私大量的吗啡原料进入马赛。



Inspired by Michael Mann’s  "Miami Vice".

Post Script: We (Jin Low, Bo Bo, Warren, Xiao Mei and myself) went to Temple Tien Ho for "肉骨茶王群英会" on 24-9-2006. The operators of the ten best bak kut teh in malaysia all present and served the participants their award- winning bak kut teh. I can prouldly say that I have tasted all the best bak kut teh in malaysia!! congrats, Chan Li Ping, the "owner" of Sek Mai Choy Bak Kut Teh, for being awarded 十强之一!!!After the feast, jinlo, bobo and I went to watch Miami Vice.

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Fight Club Week 2C

September 21, 2006 3 comments
Ooops, I did it again. For your info, I drop my previous pseudo name "Britney" or "brit". From now onwards, I am "jessica" or "jessica alba".
this passage of "Fight Club" talks about one's soul being eaten by Ikea. 
All his Ikea furniture ended up being arsoned by himself in the later part of the story.
     Jack sits on the toilet, CORDLESS PHONE to his ear, flips
     through an IKEA catalog.  There's a stack of old Playboy
     magazines and other catalogs nearby.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Like everyone else, I had become a
                 slave to the IKEA nesting instinct.
                       (into phone)
                 Yes.  I'd like to order the Erika
                 Pekkari slip covers.
     Jack drops the open catalog on the floor.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 If I saw something like clever coffee
                 table sin the shape of a yin and
                 yang, I had to have it.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Like the Johanneshov armchair in the
                 Strinne green stripe pattern...
     The armchair APPEARS.  PAN OVER next to armchair...
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Or the Rislampa wire lamps of
                 environmentally-friendly unbleached
     The lamps APPEAR.  PAN OVER to wall...
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Even the Vild hall clock of
                 galvanized steel, resting on the
                 Klipsk shelving unit.
     The clock APPEARS as the shelving unit APPEARS on the wall.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 I would flip through catalogs and
                 wonder, "What kind of dining set
                 defines me as a person?"  We used to
                 read pornography.  Now it was the
                 Horchow Collection.
     A dining room set APPEARS.  Jack, the cordless phone still
     glued to his ear, walks INTO FRAME and continues.
                 No, I don't want Cobalt.  Oh, that
                 sounds nice.  Apricot.
     Jack opens a cabinet, takes out a plate.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 I had it all.  Even the glass dishes
                 with tiny bubbles and imperfections,
                 proof they were crafted by the
                 honest, simple, hard-working
                 indigenous peoples of wherever.
     He rummages through the refrigerator.  It's practically
     empty.  Jack takes out a jar of mustard, opens it and uses
     a butter knife to eat it.
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Fight Club Week 2B

September 19, 2006 Leave a comment
Cant wait till next week, let’s have another "Fight Club" session:-
     LOUD.  An enormous CROWD of guys, including Jack and Bob,
     stands around Tyler, who's in the center of the circle,
     holding up his hands to quiet them...
                 I look around... I look around and
                 see a lot of new faces.
     An enthusiastic RUMBLE from the crowd.
                 Shut up!  Which means a lot of you
                 have been breaking the first two
                 rules of fight club.
     A glum silence falls.  Guys look at each other.
                 I see in fight club the strongest and
                 smartest men who have ever lived --
                 an entire generation pumping gas and
                 waiting tables; or they're slaves
                 with white collars.
                             TYLER (cont)
                 Advertisements have them chasing cars
                 and clothes, working jobs they hate
                 so they can buy shit they don't need.
                 We are the middle children of
                 history, with no purpose or place.
                 We have no great war, or great
                 depression.  The great war is a
                 spiritual war.  The great depression
                 is our lives.  We were raised by
                 television to believe that we'd be
                 millionaires and movie gods and rock
                 stars -- but we won't.  And we're
                 learning that fact.  And we're very,
                 very pissed-off.
     The crowd erupts into a DEAFENING CHORUS of agreement.  Jack
     looks at the blazing excitement in the eyes of the crowd.
                 We are the quiet young men who listen
                 until it's time to decide.
     A fat, MIDDLE-AGED MAN stomps down the stairs, pushing into
     the crowd, followed by a TALL, HEFTY THUG who holds a GUM.
                 Who are you?
                             FAT MAN (LOU)
                 Who am I?!  There's a sign on the
                 front that says "Lou's Tavern." I'm
                 fucking Lou.  Who the fuck are you?!
                 Tyler Durden.
     Tyler extends his hand for a shake, but Lou SLAPS it away.
                 Who told you motherfuckers you could
                 use my place?
                 We have a deal worked out with Irvine.
                 Irvine?  Irvine's at home with a
                 broken collarbone.
     Everyone glances guiltily at each other.
                 He don't own this place, I do.  How
                 much money's he getting for this?
                 There is no money.
                 It's free to all.
                 Ain't that something?
                 Yes, it is.
                 Look, stupid fuck, I want everyone
                 outta here now!
                 You're welcome to join our club.
                 Did you hear what I just said?!
                 You and your friend.
     Lou SLUGS Tyler in the stomach, doubles him over.
                 You hear me now?
     Tyler gains his breath, determined.  He looks up, turns his
     head, looking to Jack.  Jack watches, wide-eyed.
     Tyler straightens, facing Lou.
                 No, I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
     Lou PUNCHES Tyler in the face.  Some of the guys move
     forward, but the Thug points his gun.  Jack-runs forward
     anyway -- Lou PUNCHES him in the face.
     More guys move forward, but Tyler waves them off, facing Lou.
                 We really need to use this place.
     Lou proceeds to beat the shit out of Tyler, PUNCHING his
     face, his stomach.  Tyler collapses to the floor.  Lou
     starts KICKING his.  Tyler bleeds from the mouth and face.
                 That's it.... that's good.  Get it
                 all out.  You'll feel better.
     Lou flushes red with exasperation, KICKS more.  Finally,
     sweating, bewildered, Lou stops.  He looks to the Thug, who
     is just as bewildered.
     Suddenly, Tyler SPRINGS UP, grabs onto Lou...
                 Yes, I am shit and crazy, to you and
                 this whole fucking world...
     Tyler's blood spatters on Lou.  Lou tries to shake Tyler
     off, but Tyler BITES Lou's NECKTIE.  The Thug grabs Tyler
     and pulls, the necktie tightening and strangling Lou.  Lou
     slaps at Tyler's face, but recoils from the blood.  Tyler
     spits and shouts through clenched teeth...
                 You don't know where I've been.
     Tyler bear hugs Lou, pulls him to the floor.  Tyler rubs his
     bloody face into Lou's face.  The Thug lifts Tyler.  Tyler
     clings to Lou's belt, dragging Lou as he is dragged...
                 We need this place.  We need it.
                 Please let us keep it, please...
     Blood dribbles out of Tyler's mouth, spattering Lou.
                 What are you doing?!
                 Okay!  Okay, fuck it!  Use the
                 basement!  Get off me!
                 We need some towels, Lou.  We need
                 replacement light bulbs.
                 Alright, Christ!  Fucking let me go!
                 Thank you.  Thank you, sir...
                 Let go of me!!
     Tyler lets go of Lou's belt.  Lou scrambles away.  The Thug
     drops Tyler, trying to keep clear of the blood.  Lou gets to
     his feet, looks at Tyler, then at the rest of the guys.  He
     and the Thug back away... slamming the door behind.
     Fight club surrounds Tyler.  They help him up, move him to
     a crate.  Tyler sits slumped for a long moment, his
     breathing labored... then, he sits back, crossing his legs
     and looking to the group, his demeanor businesslike.
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September 18, 2006 5 comments







其中一个村庄有个很美的名字,叫做“镜面草原”(Padang Cermin),当年有许多136部队抗日军,就是在镜面草原受训的。





1992年的一个黄昏,一群来自国外的观鸟学者在森林的某处,目睹了成群的犀鸟划空而过。从此,天孟莪取代了砂耢越,成为“犀鸟天堂”。2003年,一个观鸟团在短短的90分钟内,看到2,051 只犀鸟飞跃天孟莪森林的上空。


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Fight Club Week 2

September 18, 2006 Leave a comment
 For your information, Jack is Edward Norton, and Tyler is Brad Pitt.
     Jack sits staring at his SCREEN SAVER.
     Jack steps into the open doorway, knocks on the doorframe.
     Boss looks up from his large, expensive desk.
                 We need to talk.
                 Okay.  Where to begin?  With your
                 constant absenteeism?  With your
                 unpresentable appearance?  You're up
                 for review...
                 I Am Jack's Complete Lack of Surprise.
     Boss sits up in his seat, becoming enraged.
                 Let's pretend.  You're the Department
                 of Transportation, and you discover
                 that our company intentionally did
                 nothing about leather seats cured in
                 third world countries with chemicals
                 we know cause birth defects?  Brake
                 linings that fail after a thousand
                 miles.  Fuel injectors that burn
                 people alive.
                 Just who the fuck do you think you
                 are?!  Get out!  You're fired!
                 What about this?  Keep me on payroll
                 as an outside consultant.  In
                 exchange for my salary, I'll keep my
                 mouth shut.  I won't need to come to
                 the office.  I can do this job from
     Boss stands, moves around his desk, glaring with rage.
                 You little fucker!  I oughta...
     Jack PUNCHES HIMSELF in the nose.  Blood starts to trickle.
     He punches himself in the jaw, throws himself back as if by
     the force of the punch, SLAMS against a framed picture and
     SHATTERS the glass.  He falls to the floor.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 I Am Jack's Smirking Revenge.
     Jack gets back to his feet.
                 Please... don't hit me again, please.
                 I'm your responsibility...
     He PUNCHES himself in the stomach, then in the jaw again.
     He reels backwards, pulls down a hanging shelf, its contents
     flying.  He hits the floor.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 For some reason, I thought of my
                 first fight -- with Tyler.
     Jack crawls toward Boss, dripping blood, grabs Boss's leg.
                 Please... give me the paychecks like
                 I asked for.  I won't be any trouble.
                 You won't see me again.
     Jack climbs up Boss's leg while Boss tries to shake him off.
     Boss stumbles back into his desk, knocking off belongings.
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 Under and behind and inside
                 everything this man took for granted,
                 something horrible had been growing.
     Jack crawls high enough to grab Boss's belt, hoisting
     himself up.  He dribbles blood an Boss's clothing, SMUDGES
     blood from his face onto the knuckles of Boss's hand.
                 Please... please...
                             JACK (V.O.)
                 And right then, at our most excellent
                 moment together...
     Two SECURITY GUARDS enter and gape at the sight.  Behind
     them stand CURIOUS WORKERS, looking in.
                       (gurgling blood)
                 Please don't hit me again.
     Jack holds a CHECK in front of Tyler's face.
                 Six months advance pay.  Six months!
                 Fucking sweet.
                 Okay, and... and...
     Jack digs in his pocket, takes out a thick bundle of CARDS.
                 Forty-eight airline flight coupons.
                 Plus... hold on... just a minute...
     Jack holds up a finger, going to open the front door.  He
     drags an unwieldy SHOPPING CART in behind him; filled with
     his COMPUTER, PHONE, FAX and other office equipment.
                 I am now officially self-employed.
     Jack looks at the cart, then back at Tyler, proud.
                 Good for you.
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